Monday, November 20, 2017

A Special Time of Year

Human:  Do you know what Thursday is??

Blueberry:  Apple Pie Day!

Human:  Actually, it's Thanksgiving.  But yes, there will be pie.

Blueberry:  Thanksgiving?  Does that mean I will be thanking you for giving me all of the apple pie?

Human:  It means I might be thankful enough for you to share a little bit of pie.

Blueberry:  Your inability to share a decent amount of pie with me will surely impede my ability to be thankful.

Human:  Perhaps I should make a Blueberry pie instead?

Blueberry:  I love all pie!  Wait, what?  Does that mean what I think it means?

Human:  Mwahahahaha!

Blueberry:  That is not in keeping with the Thanksgiving Day spirit.  Don't lean too far into the oven, human...

Human:  Just don't try to assault me as I am eating

Blueberry:  As long as you share properly, we will have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May you eat many fine things, but not in excess.  Nobody enjoys a vomit-y Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Deep Thoughts by Blue Berry

"I think it's high time someone came up with a dog bed made out of cheese accessorized with a bacon pillow.  What's the hold up, humans?"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

WW 11-15-17

Over on Pooch Smooches Jackie does a great job coming up with a Pup and a Plant captions with Rita that crack me up!  I thought I would give it a whirl.  Sadly, I have less talent  and this was all I could come up with.  

I'm not really sure what this plant is, but Blueberry loves that it smells like dog whizz.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Deep Thoughts by Blue Berry

I wish I could talk.  That way, when we are hiking in the desert in the dark of night, I could look behind us and then shout, "CLOWN!!!" and take off running.

I bet my human would be able to run really fast.  Or else she would stand there in horror and soil herself.  I think either one would make a good memory and we could laugh about it later.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Week is Finally Over!

"Let's go - the weekend is here!!"

Just a short update - the wound is doing so much better.  It is pink now instead of an angry shade of red.  Hurts way less than before.  Woo hoo!  Thank you, Lord!  

I know that it was such a little thing.  But when I was going through this, I googled and googled and could not find anything relating to what I had - which was something small.  All I could find were these horror stories of huge gaping holes being covered by something that looked like a barnacle and plastic surgeons and long recoveries.  So I posted about my experience in the hopes of helping someone else know what to expect (although hopefully their experience is less painful).  I am still waiting for culture results - although at this point I am getting better and it only matters because I'd like to know what it was!