Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leave the Zoomies to the Professionals

"My human and I were playing in the house last night and she came running down the hall as fast as she could, chasing me and she must have not seen the very large very obvious fan there and she tripped right over it.  Don't worry, folks, the fan was okay.  My human though?  Let's just say she had to ice her foot and now has a nifty bruise.  It's okay to laugh - my human laughed too."

Monday, June 9, 2014

You Scream, You Scream, But I Got all your Ice Cream

"Blueberry here.  Let me set the stage...

It was another hot day in Arizona (shocking, I know). My human went to the freezer to retrieve an ice cream bar.  I sat next to her cause I love ice cream and sometimes I get a lick. My human taught me proper ice cream sharing etiquette - always lick the bar and don't try to swallow it whole like a snake cause that means the ice cream bar goes bye bye; also, minimal drooling is preferable.

As I lick the ice cream bar, I get ice cream on my nose and my human tells me how cute that is.  I know what's coming next.  She runs off (with the ice cream bar by the way) to get her camera phone.  She returns to my side and with the camera phone pointed at me, places the bar right in front of my nose.  If your human is anything like mine - multi-tasking is not a friend. However, in this instance - it was beneficial to me. While she was focused on the camera and tried to adjust the settings - that ice cream bar called to me and I answered swiftly and decisively.  My jaw came unhinged and I slurped that ice cream off the stick faster than my human could say "HEY!!".  

So, thank you to the inventor of ice cream bars and...I can't believe I'm saying this...to the inventor of camera phones.  

I also want to give a special shout out to my human. Thank you for not giving up on trying to get a picture of me eating ice cream and therefore giving me an additional opportunity to swallow an ice cream bar whole. The second one was as delicious as the first. Wanna go for three?"