Friday, April 22, 2016

Blueberry vs Pistachio

First, let me say how annoying Blogger is that I can't upload a video larger than 100mb.  LAME.  Okay, mini-rant over.  Now on to the fun stuff.

This is a very, very short video of Pistachio eating some plants I planted in an area outside of his enclosure for him.  I started them from seed outside of the enclosure to keep him from eating it all down to the roots once it sprouted (it was recommended I do this by the company I bought the seeds from).  Clearly, I didn't take into consideration Blueberry's love of newly sprouted things...


Not to be outdone, Blueberry demonstrates that she can not only eat desert plants meant for a tortoise, but she can do it 10 times faster.    


Also, she can roll onto her back with no problem.  Unlike Pistachio who requires assistance should he find himself on his back.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Pistachio's first day in his new home.

"I have yet to meet Pistachio.  But I have sampled his waste.  Delectable."

"I enjoy sunbathing, eating, and not being harassed by spotted dogs."

"These teeth were made for chewing, and that's just what they'll do.  And one of these days, Pistachio, I'm going to chew on you."