Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Update - We're Still Alive

My beautiful spotted friend.

These are the dolls I made my nieces for Christmas.  I had to redo two of them and was so glad when I was finished, I mailed them before taking an updated picture.  How cute are they?  I got the pattern from an Etsy shop!

A spectacular Arizona sunset

This was taken back when it was still cool out - you know, before the heat came along and killed all the flowers. Which in a way is good, because there are fewer bees.

This was the day (March 11) Pistachio finally woke up from his hibernation!!!  It was my first year and I successfully hibernated him!  I wasn't sure he would wake up and I spent a great deal of time as soon as it turned warm, lurking in front of his burrow, sticking my head in there and sniffing to check for the odor of decay.   I had added on to his burrow over the winter - so I can't see all the way in the back like I used to. It was a very exciting day when he came out (for me anyway) and he was VERY hungry.  

"I'm very hungry too.  Feed me."

The only thing I have to report is this:

Blueberry had her senior panel done a couple of weeks ago and her SDMA level was 15 and her specific gravity was low.   She will be retested in a month.  I guess this test catches kidney disease earlier.  I suspect the NSAID I have been giving her to be the cause.  The vet office has had me bring Blueberry in periodically for blood work to make sure it is not causing any problems.  However, her last blood work was in January of 2016 - so to say that we dropped the ball is an understatement.  I should have been more on top of it and instead relied too much on the vet office.  I know they have been through staff changes and things in the office area aren't as well managed as they used to be.   But Blueberry's vet is wonderful and as long as she is there I will continue to take Blueberry to that office.  

Anyway, I will post another update as I learn more.  In the meantime - enjoy the photos!